Friday, June 08, 2012

Senior Recognition Luau

Two days after Quinn's party, was our Senior Recognition Luau for the graduating seniors in the youth group. Some of the students had requested a luau months ago and a few other ladies and I had a lot of fun getting all the stuff together and planning it all out. The students threw out the idea of having a pig with an apple in its mouth. We thought that a bit outlandish. We also had a good amount of vegetarians invited and I didn't want to repulse them ;) While looking through pinterest for luau ideas I stumbled upon a pig with an apple in its mouth, that was a cake. He was so cute. I had to have him. I went around to a few bakeries getting prices. They were around 200-400 bucks for a cake that would only feed 30 people. I said no thank you/nevermind/are you kidding me??? and left. Plan B. Make it ourselves. I don't do fondant. I don't do decorating cakes of any kind. But alas, we pulled it off. It only took us doing a prototype a few weeks before, and the pig going from house to house to get all the pieces complete. But like I said, I had to have him. 

So here is the inspiration. The picture I found on pinterest. My friend Leigh and I sculpted one a few weeks before the party to make sure we could pull off the shape. It worked! A couple days before the luau Leigh made another one and we gave him to our friend Tracy who iced him. It took her 4 HOURS! (Do you like how Im calling him "him"??? We even named him. I can't remember his name though)

Tracy delivered him to the party and I dressed him up in his lei, kale, grapes, and other fruits. 
I just think its hilarious...

I also made some cupcakes. If you like fruity cupcakes you must try these. Here is the recipe for the Aloha Cupcakes 

We made a little photo booth and had props. The guests had fun taking goofy pictures. 

and so did Kennedy (she calls that a luka-lay-lee)

The Seniors

We did have pig to eat for dinner as well. And all the fixin's. 

and a fun little Make your own Kabob station.

Now I'm partied OUT. But it was so great to get to work with so many great volunteers to put this together. Congrats 2012 graduates

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Quinn is 1

To say it has been a while is an understatement. My word. But here I am blogging. This is the run down of all the details of Quinn's first birthday party to give those who have been asking the links and inside on where I got everything, etc. Let me just say, I had a BLAST throwing this shin dig together. I love burlap, I love mason jars, I love southern food, and I LOVE Quinn =) Obviously.

I knew I wanted Quinn to have a bar b Q, since she is my little baby Q. Get it??? Ha! I love all the elements that made this the southern backyard BBQ that it was. I began with the idea of just burlap and lace, but quickly added color because well, I always like color.

I have a lot of pictures ahead so be warned. The only pictures I don't have is of the IBC root beer in the tub, which the galvanized tubs are a fave of mine right now, and the other missing picture is that of me and my mother holding the canopy up when a psychotic storm blew through right at party time. It was hectic, but Im sure we looked hilarious holding up a tent with torrential down pour and gusting winds on the attack. Woah. That also made decorating outside and setting up like I had planned, difficult, so this was plan B. I was still satisfied with the turn out even though it wasn't the exact plan.

I wanted to make a little pennant banner and when I went to Joann's to get supplies, I saw the fabric my friend Christi used to make my hospital gown I wore the day I had Quinn. I thought it was so neat and had to incorporate it in the decorations. Its the aqua one =)

The little berry baskets were the baskets my strawberries came in at our local berry patch. I saved them bc I thought they were cute, but I have seen them online places for purchase.

S'more pops. These are a have of mine. A couple years ago I created this one night when I wanted something sweet. Now I love making them in bulk for camp out nights and parties. So easy and delicious.

Banana puddings. I ordered the spoons on Amazon. $7 for 100. We had wooden forks too. People joked about getting splinters, but from what I know, no one had any problems =)

Peanut cones. I love salted shell peanuts.

Big sister Kennedy helped me make her birthday cake. I thought it was so sweet. I just now remember making a cake with Kennedy the night before I had Quinn. It was so neat to be doing it together again a year later, for her special first birthday.

I got the banana pudding jars, and drink jars at Walmart. I had a few from a long time ago so I stocked up on a couple extra cases. Good to have for parties, and if I ever get tired of using them, I'll just can stuff!

I used the Q from Quinn's nursery to complete the Bar B Q sign. Again, the outside didn't go off like I planned due to what we will call inclement weather, but it worked I suppose. The menu included shredded BBQ chicken, Mac n cheese, Corn on the cob, hot dogs for the kids, and cheddar biscuits.

Those little chalkboard signs were $1 in the Target dollar section. I stocked up bc I love me some chalkboard. The paper straws are from The Polka Dot Market. A friend of mine recently told me she saw paper straws at Kirklands. Random place, but apparently they carry a couple different colors.

Aren't daisies just a happy flower...

I seriously loved the drink jars. The combo of mason jars, with fun straws, and name tags tied with bakers twine, was just my cup of tea =) tea! ha! Im cracking myself up today. Can you tell?!?!

Happy Birthday sweet Quinn. I can't believe this year has already come and gone. It flew by, yet I can't remember life before. You are our little sunshine and we love you!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kennedy's Valentine Fun

Some friends of ours from church had a cute little Valentine's party. I loved it bc Kennedy isn't in a class or pre school type thing during the week, and doesn't really get to do some of the festive things kids get to do when in school. This was a great time to hang out with other girls around her age and make fun crafts and eat cute heart shaped pink and red foods =) There was a cake. And it was awesome. I ate a lot of it.

My friend sent me home with this lovely bottle of Chocolate wine. I've never had it before and Im sure its yummy. I would KNOW if it was good or not if I had a cork screw. Yea, I got it out to try some and realized I don't own one...oops

I don't know how much Ive told you about my childs wild ways, but she is not to be trusted with certain items. Some of those include: paint, play doh, markers, glitter. and like items that can get messy. She is destructive. And anything BUT type A or OCD. 
She is a free spirit, you'd say
and I LOVE her
I just have to be aware of this fact

So we made valentines crafts for some of her friends and our parents, with stickers. Playing it safe. 

 Her goodies from mom and dad. She is obsessed with horses these days. We live next to a few horse boarding places and we always see them. I saw this little barn at Target complete with horses and little girl dolls and thought she'd have fun with it. 
 Daddy brought home donuts for breakfast! Score!

 and Quinn has something she'd like to tell you...well the Beatles said it, but she is in agreement.

Sweet girl

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


How was y'alls Valentines Day? We spent the day at home and didnt actually go out until the day after. My mother in law came in town (HALLELUJAH!) and we were so lucky to go out at all! We didn't even plan a date because her visit was last minute, but we quickly came up with a plan bc well, we had a gift card. On V-day, Justin did bring me home some goodies. I actually got a picture of it all bc I had to send it to my mom because I was SHOCKED that my man did the typical thing and got me flowers, a card, and chocolates, bc its just so cliche and he is usually against such things. It made me feel special though that he didn't come home with a practical gift he thought I'd need, or a gift card to Target (yea, he totally has bought me that before, like I wouldn't just go there and buy whatever I want anyway??) 

Also, I may or may not have eaten that whole box of chocolates in under three day...

 We went to Maggianos for our little romantic evening. We had planned to go to a movie after, but instead walked around looking in stores, holding hands and talking, which was what I wanted more than seeing a movie. Again. We pretty much see a movie every date night. Which is why I made a date night list. You'll see...after you see my family night list...Im such a nerd.

this dessert was AMAZING! It was a graham cracker crust, with chocolate ganache, and a ROASTED marshmallow on top. Not quite sure why the waiter put candles on it...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Mardi Gras!

I popped into the grocery store yesterday to pick up some New Orleans flavor for Fat Tuesday, only to realize that the grocery stores around here do not sell King Cake?!?!? I didn't even realize that of COURSE, not being on the Gulf Coast this time of year, would mean no King Cake. A friend of mine did tell me about a bakery in town that sells them, so I can go that route next time. As for this Fat Tuesday, I made my own. A very SIMPLE version, that is. I like simple. I also bought a BOX of Jambalaya. I do NOT claim to be Martha Stewart. A box version will do.

The recipe I chose did not have any pictures, therefore I took some along the way to help anyone else out that wanted a visual. I appreciate visuals when in the kitchen.

King Cake with Cream Cheese

2 (8-ounce) cans reduced-fat crescent rolls
4 ounces reduced-fat cream cheese
2 tablespoons confectioners’ sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 tablespoons butter
1/3 cup light brown sugar
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon

1 cup confectioners’ sugar
1-2 tablespoons skim milk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Preheat Oven to 350. Spray your pan

Separate crescent rolls at perforations, into 16 triangles. Place slices around prepared pan with points in center. About halfway down from points, press seams together.

(the directions on the site confused me, but you can press together at either end. If you do the wider part then the ring is a little thinner, but a bigger ring.)

In mixing bowl, beat cream cheese, confectioners’ sugar, and vanilla until creamy. Spread on dough in center where seams have been pressed together.

In another small bowl, combine butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon with fork until crumbly. Sprinkle over cream cheese. 

Fold dough points over filling. Bake 20-25 minutes or until golden brown. 

Cool slightly, drizzle with Icing. Sprinkle!

You can also not do cream cheese if you want the most traditional King Cake. And if you do like working with yeast and are more hardcore in the kitchen, I thought this recipe looked fun. Im a sucker for a braided ring. 

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Disney on Ice

 A while back, we took Kennedy to see a Disney on Ice performance. It was a special one in that it was the Dare to Dream show and was completely about all the princesses. It was PERFECT for her and she loved every minute of it. I love watching all my favorite Disney princesses with my own little girl now and feeling like a little girl again who just wants a fairy tale. Its great being a parent and getting to relive fun childhood experiences again. I wonder if Justin will ever feel like he misses some stuff since we only have girls...maybe we should try for a boy...3 kids...hmmm...nah.

Some friends of ours hooked up us with seats down on the ice and dinner served to us. It was definitely better than our usual back row experience. =) It was freezing down there though so we stayed bundled up which was kind of funny. We had fun though. Even Quinn was mesmerized by all the performances. Disney is so Magical, wherever you experience it. Thats why I LOVE it!